Nervous System RESET

Our culture glorifies stress, but we can learn to feel peace in our entire being.

Whether you are navigating everyday life stress or traumatic stress, learn how to deepen your relationship with your body, and gently nudge it in the direction of relaxed, internal safety.

Do you often feel: 
  • overwhelmed, worried, anxious, or distracted?
  • the need to be busy, producing, or completing tasks?
  • life’s everyday annoyances feel like bigger stressors?
  • unresolved/recurring discomfort or pain in your body?

  • disconnected from your body, or that you live “in your head”?
  • restless or both wired and exhausted, even after a full-night’s sleep?
  • powerless to change any of the above?
You are not alone.
When we feel any of these, our body is in a state of stress physiology. Our modern culture calls on us to function over what we truly have the capacity for on a near daily basis. This isn’t to say we don’t experience happiness and joy, but chronic stress compromises all our bodies’ systems and saps our sense of overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, this is "normal" in our culture.

We can change this "normalized" stressful human experience to a more resilient and flexible way of being in our lives.

Feel Empowered In Your Own Healing

We possess inside each of us an innate capacity to heal. All our bodies often want is acknowledgment, and when we're able to tap into knowing what our body is telling us, we commit ourselves in taking steps to feeling how we wish to feel. Allow me to guide you on a journey to self-empowerment. 
Clients often report feeling:
  • open, spacious,  & freer in your body
  • present, balanced, & at ease
  • a quieter mind & a clearer outlook on life

  • contented, joyful, & playful
  • refreshed & able to rest
  • confident & empowered

Nervous System RESET teaches you the language of your body so you can understand the sensations of feeling both stress and calm in your nervous system. In tracking this internal felt sense, we then use exercises to return to a better sense of ease in the body and feel present in the here and now. 

Over time, this helps us unwind deeper patterns of held stress in the body, and cultivate resilience to rebound from life stressors.


What Does a Nervous System RESET Session Look Like?

Nervous System RESET sessions are via Zoom so you can be in the comfort of your own home. For each session, I ask you to wear comfortable clothing and be in a quiet space with few distractions. A few props will be needed, such as a yoga mat or towel, a light blanket, a few pillows, and a glass or bottle of water. In each session we'll cover educational material and some small but mighty somatic practices, determining which are best for your unique nervous system. Between sessions, around five minutes per day are all that is needed to do these practices at home. These then become a set of lifetime tools to use to support your nervous system as you navigate the ups and downs of life. 

"Everything we experience, we experience through and in our bodies."
– Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Regulation is the ability of our nervous system to be flexible enough to adapt to different situations. This means we're able to move in and out of stress: feeling calm and connected to others, to feeling high activation and overwhelm according to the circumstances we encounter, then back to a more relaxed state again.
Resourcing is our ability to support ourselves.
We use internal skills  (self-care and somatic practices) as well as external tools (support systems) so we are better able to regulate ourselves through our life experiences. Resourcing allows us to feel internal safety, increased comfort, and more at peace.
Resilience is the ability to regulate and resource ourselves as we meet life's challenges. We adapt to and recover from these challenges with the least amount of negative consequence to our well-being. In short, we bounce back from life events, and respond with consistency and with better ease.

Our nervous system subconsciously shapes
and colors our perceptions and behavior. Partnering with our body at the nervous
system level helps gently shift us from
swimming in stress to feeling life is limitless.

How Nervous RESET is Designed to Work

The RESET approach aims to:
  • Regulate the nervous system, thereby supporting better overall health
  • Educate clients about stress physiology and how it works
  • Promote Self-awareness by teaching somatic-awareness (body awareness) and cultivating a felt experience of internal safety in the body
  • Empower clients by connecting them with skills and tools that make a difference in their bodies and in their lives
  • Support personal Transformation as one settles into a new experience of capacity in the body
The RESET program does this by teaching the following:
  • How to cultivate greater resiliency and adaptability in response to life stressors
  • How to use simple somatic practices to support and gradually down-regulate your nervous system
  • How to increase body awareness and the ability to sense safety or settling in the body
  • How to stay inside of a comfortable window of tolerance in your exploration so that you stay connected to an inner sense of safety
  • How to notice and track body sensations with curiosity and openness without being overwhelmed by them
  • How to follow sensory cues to read whether the nervous system is activating or settling
  • How to explore sensation in small amounts while orienting back towards a felt experience of safety in the body
  • How to recognize the tendency of overriding body signals and how to trust body signals and work with them in new ways
  • How to build effective self-care and anchoring strategies
  • At the heart of these practices is the nervous system recovery response, a gentle, vibratory neuromuscular reflex in the body which is a natural mechanism for stress recovery.  By learning how to access this restorative recovery reflex and to work with it in manageable and calibrated doses, you can gradually discharge accumulated levels of stress (be it everyday life stress, chronic and ongoing stress, or traumatic stress) and guide your nervous system back to a healthier, more resilient baseline

Do you have questions about Nervous System RESET?

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Our bodies possess an innate wisdom 
and natural recovery response to 
move back into equilibrium, which unwinds tension, restores balance, 
and reboots our resilience. 

Learn to work with your body to 
better manage and relieve the effects
of stress in your body and in your life.

In the Nervous System RESET Process you will:

  • Learn about the signs of stress activation and settling in the nervous system
  • Learn how to track physical sensation to understand how your nervous system responds
  • Discover which sensory explorations bring you closer to a feeling of safety
  • Learn what your threshold of enough is and feels like
  • Learn how to safely experience restorative tremor 
  • Build a toolbox of resources that support your nervous system
  • Apply easy and gentle somatic practices to help down-regulate your nervous system
  • Cultivate a felt sense of internal safety and resilience
  • Feel empowered in response to life stressors and transform how you live in the world
  • Begin to live a more playful, present, joyful and pleasurable life

What You Receive in the Nervous System RESET Process:

  • 1 Compassionate Listening Intake Session (90-minutes)
  • Up to 8 Private Resourcing Sessions* (30-60-minutes) over 3 months (the first 5-6 sessions are weekly)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to 5 educational videos & a detailed guidebook
  • Effective self-care and anchoring strategies for lasting change
  • Sessions are via Zoom so you can be in the comfort of your own home
    * If more than 8 Resourcing Sessions are needed to process this work, additional fees may apply

Investment for Nervous System RESET Private Sessions:

One Payment of $575
    * Payment plans also available

Let's Get You Reacquainted With Your Body

While life calls on us to power through, Nervous System RESET gives us permission to be gentle and compassionate toward ourselves. I will guide you through the process of this foundational work, and most importantly, you'll learn to trust the messages of your body. 

  • Regulate your nervous system so you can manage life’s peaks and valleys better
  • Understand the language of the body and become attuned to its subtle whispers
  • Connect with physical sensations and feel safe in your body at a cellular level
  • Feel empowered by having skills and tools to journey through and step fully into your life
  • Build capacity and transform your nervous system to feel better ease in your body

If this work feels like a good fit for you, please reach out to me to begin to transform your relationship with your body.

Let's Work Together

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Praise of Nervous System RESET:

“The Nervous System RESET with Autumn felt supportive, immediately applicable, beautifully nuanced, and individualized. I came away with lots of new go-to tools in my self-regulation toolbox, and a renewed confidence in my ability to know my own limits. Autumn's gentle guidance through this learning process made it a lovely experience. And the practices continue to support me!”
– ME, Beaverton, OR

"Working with Autumn has been a profound experience. Like many, I live in my head. I know what I think, but rarely take the time to sense what I’m feeling in my body. To be honest, I didn’t know this was an option. I didn’t know there were tools I could use to feel calm and safe in my own skin. My default was always to push through to exhaustion and use food and drink to destress. Just the other day, I had a minor crisis at work. I felt the familiar panic come over me, but instead of pushing through, I gifted myself with Autumn’s tools for “down regulating” my nervous system. Autumn taught me that I didn’t have to subject myself to overwhelm and stress. She showed me that with just a little awareness and a few minutes, I could feel in control again no matter what was going on externally. I truly believe that if more people used these simple strategies on a regular basis, we would be a much happier and healthier society."
– AB, Portland, OR
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