Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage

Massage therapy in conjunction with treatment from your physician/chiropractor is restorative and can yield an efficient recovery from a motor vehicle accident.
If you have been injured in a car accident in Oregon, your massage therapy expenses are covered under your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) motor vehicle insurance, regardless of who is at fault.  A referral prescription is required from a physician/chiropractor (MD, ND, DO, or DC) to receive massage therapy benefits, as they will evaluate your injuries and create a treatment plan, including massage therapy. A series of treatment massages is typically prescribed, as massage therapy can assist with healing by reducing inflammation in injured soft tissues bringing immediate relief, and helping to restore range of motion. Sessions are site specific to an affected area and directly related tissues.

I will directly bill your insurance company for your open PIP claim, with no out-of-pocket expenses from you, as you rest and heal.  
When you schedule an appointment, please have the following information and bring it with you for our appointment:
   Insurance Company Claim Number and Date of Accident/Injury
   Insurance Company Billing Address
   Insurance Adjuster Name, Phone Number, & Fax Number
   Name on Policy (if other than self) and Policy Number
   Referring Physician's Written Prescription, including Physician Name & Phone Number * **
  • *If a written prescription is not on hand at the first appointment, the client will be responsible for payment at time of service.  
  • **Several insurance companies do not require a physician's prescription; however, I require one to ensure payment from the insurance company and eliminate any chances of the client being liable.