Autumn L. Sullivan, LMT

Nervous System RESET Practitioner
Therapeutic Massage & Shiatsu Bodywork

"Autumn is a gifted practitioner who has helped me through a number of challenges over the years. She used to help me remain flexible during bouts of back pain but now that I am over that she is helping me with more of a "sports massage" for injury prevention and recovery as I work out. It is wonderful to work with an LMT who is knowledgable about anatomy and physiology. She has a keen understanding of how the body works and has been an invaluable resource for me. A regular massage with Autumn is as important to my body as putting in oil is to my car."
- Diane Bays, West Linn, Owner of Healthy Spaces Holistic Wellness Technologies
"Autumn has been my massage therapist since 2005, and in this time, I have had several surgeries from old athletic injuries. Because of Autumn's extensive knowledge and background in both kinesiology and anatomy, she can pinpoint my exact pain triggers, and by working them out, she is able to help me keep my pain at bay. Her massage therapy has kept me functioning on a day-to-day basis and allows me to participate in sports activities I thought were no longer possible. I truly cannot put into words how helpful this has been to me."
- K. L., Lake Oswego
"Autumn gives a massage that keeps on giving. Not only do you feel fabulous on the table, but the relaxation and healing last long after the massage is over. Autumn is a delight! She's personable, talented, kind and smart. She's very intuitive and makes sure you have a great experience. I highly recommend seeing Autumn Sullivan for a truly relaxing and healing experience."
- L. C., West Linn
"In 2008 I started getting massage from Autumn to prepare for the Boston marathon. Her professionalism, expertise, and knowledge continually impress me. Not only is she the best at massage but a wonderful teacher who takes time to explain what she is doing and why. I would highly recommend Autumn. She is the best!"
- Janet Duback, FMS, RRCA, West Linn, Primal Move Instructor and Kettlebell Coach
"Autumn has an amazing, healing touch! She listens to me when I arrive to understand just what I need and then does just that. She has also guided me on stretching to help prevent injury/tight muscles in between massages and her advice has always proven true. I always feel so good after a massage from Autumn."
- A. G., West Linn
"Autumn has been an amazing help in providing me relief for chronic tingling in my hands at night. She truly is above and beyond any massage therapist I have ever worked with, a true medical professional and partner in my good health. Autumn knows the body inside and out. She has been outstanding in teaching me exercises to do at home and on educating me with how the body works and what may be causing the challenges that I have had. Since I began seeing Autumn a couple of months ago, I am more than 50% better than when I started. What I know about Autumn is that she is seriously committed to working with me until we can solve the problem completely."
- K. K., West Linn
"Autumn Sullivan is more than an LMT. She's a healer. Her knowledge of the body and precise technique are unparalleled. Since I started working with her two years ago she has healed my aches and pain. 5 stars."
- J. Z., Portland
"I can not say enough about my wonderful, restorative time with Autumn in absolute relaxation and bliss every six weeks.
The weeks between sessions I sleep better than I have in months. I physically and emotionally feel more grounded and centered. I am able to take on the challenges of every day life and stress with a lot less anxiety. I truly believe that Autumn has helped me in ways I never thought possible."
- M. B., West Linn

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Friday :       10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

As your appointment time is reserved especially for you,
kindly give me 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment.  
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Autumn L. Sullivan, LMT
Nervous System RESET Practitioner
Therapeutic Massage & Shiatsu Bodywork
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